Production of bottles and other glass containers

We produce glass bottles and jars of any configuration, with capacities from 0.25 to 1.75 liters. Our production average is 240 million bottles per year (in the conventional terms of 0.5 liters.).

IFG "Galaxy Euroglass" is a leading manufacturer and supplier of exclusive glass containers for vodka and cognac brands of Premium class.

The exclusive glass bottles are produced individually for each customer. We also offer a wide range of glassware for free sale. This option does not require additional costs for the purchase of molds and the time spent on its production. Glass bottles.

All processes are automated. Using our technological processes control system and plan supervision system, we are able to control all the production, manage all systems, optimize costs and ensure consistent product quality. High quality raw material, quartz sand, a modern glass furnace and Conti-drain system can improve product quality and provide enhanced light transmission of glass. The melting furnace is made under the SORG project, Germany. The modern dosing and mixing line of the German company «EME» provides high quality charge.

The sectional glass-forming machines of the Italian company «Bottero» are used for the production of glass. The inspection equipment of the leading French manufacturer is installed on each line and controls 15 parameters to eliminate defects. In the production of glass containers, we place greater demands on the geometry and light transmission as it is necessary for the subsequent qualitative decoration application.

The packaging system of the German manufacturer «MSK», which allows qualitative storage and for us to transport our products, is installed at the final stage of our production system.

Производство стеклянных бутылок Изготовление стеклянных бутылок

Video of our production of glass bottles