The company more than 10 years, is a leading manufacturer of exclusive glass containers and decorated. The main products this glass factory glass bottles, vodka, wine, bottle the water, decorated bottles and exclusive glass containers manufactured specifically for the customer.

With modern equipment, advanced technology and experience of our specialists, FPG "Geleksi Evroglass" is ready to offer full range of services in the development and execution of brand:

  • Development of the concept of the new brand
  • Design of glass containers, CD compilation, custom mold sets
  • Production of glass containers of various types and forms for the food and beverage industry
  • Design decoration
  • Adapting or improving the customer
  • Making reference samples
  • Extensive Glassware decoration: silk-screen printing, frosting full, partial, with window, satinatsiya, Coatings - coating lacquers, UV - printing on round, flat, oval and conical surfaces. The combination of different techniques of decoration.

Established work with the leading manufacturers of molds: OMKO, Skloform, Component Moravia, Strada, PAN stack. Glass containers and decor of FPG "Geleksi Evroglass" is guaranteed a quality product European level.


A great advantage of our company is the ideal logistics. Production of glass containers and lines of decoration are on the same production site in the city of Tver, it has its own railway line and a terminal for servicing vehicles. Provides services for the delivery of manufactured products to the customer's warehouse.