Steps of the mold set ordering

Preparation of design documentation (DD). Our company has a Design and Engineering department. We will develop a DCD with all the technical requirements of our production and of the mold set manufacturer.

  • A test mold set is especially necessary if it is a new type of product.
  • Test mold set. At this stage, all the identified errors and appropriate changes to the CD and DD are made.
  • Serial mold sets.

At all these stages, the necessary technical knowledge and control of correctness of execution are necessary. In the future it will help to minimize financial and time costs.
Our experts will help determine the manufacturer and necessary type of molds (considering, for example, the number of glass pick-up, complexity of a glass bottle, e.t.c.).

Together we will find the perfect option, place an order and carry out all the necessary tests.

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If you have your own design, our designers will adapt it to the specifications of our production, while maintaining the brand concept and taking into account all your wishes.